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🚩 Our group is also recruiting top-caliber graduate students with strong expertise in computer vision and machine learning for 2023. Please send email to Prof. Xuming He for more information after registering your application on the school website.


📌 [06/2022] One paper accepted by ECCV 2022!

📌 [05/2022] One paper accepted by KDD 2022!

📌 [04/2022] One paper accepted by NAACL 2022!

📌 [03/2022] Two papers accepted by CVPR 2022!

📌 [02/2022] One paper accepted by ISBI 2022!

📌 [09/2021] One paper accepted by NeurIPS 2021!

Recent Publications

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ROI-Constrained Bidding via Curriculum-Guided Bayesian Reinforcement Learning

We propose Curriculum-Guided Bayesian Reinforcement Learning for ROI-Constrained Bidding, which obtains superior in-distribution and out-of-distribution generalization, learning efficiency and stability.

KD-VLP: Improving End-to-End Vision-and-Language Pretraining with Object Knowledge Distillation

Self-supervised vision-and-language pretraining (VLP) aims to learn transferable multi-modal representations from large-scale …

General Incremental Learning with Domain-aware Categorical Representations

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